Managing social media pages since 2009.


Launching a new company can be very time consuming. You want to focus on your product or service but you also know you need to get yourself out there. Can you delegate? 


We can help you managing your existing social media accounts giving you time to focus on other things. Or maybe you have been trying to uplift your social account without succes and need some new inspiration, let us help you!


Want to try it yourself? Don´t know where to start? Let us teach or guide you and show you some tips and tricks! We can help you getting started!

How we approach Social media



How many followers do you have? Do you have 1 follower who is a regular customer or 100 followers who live on the other side of the world? We will analyse your social media users if you already have an account. Are you just starting? Then we will check what your target audience is.


Ok. Now we know our targets. Next up is a plan of action. We will decide for each channel what a weekly planning will look like. When we agree to the plan we will schedule all posts for the upcoming month.



Keeping things flexible is important to us. Is something not working? Then change it! We will keep an eye on the results and see where improvements can be made. 

Happy Clients