Managing Google Ads since 2009.


We create your Google Ads account and set-up a full campaign structure to start advertising on the Google search result page. Keywords, Ads, targeting, the whole shebang to buy traffic to your website.


Once you have Google Ads running, it’s important to keep track of what’s happening and to stay in control by keeping the campaigns optimized. We can help you optimize your campaigns on an hourly basis!


Want to try it yourself? That’s no problem! We can give you tips and tricks to get you started with optimizing your campaigns! Did we already mention that we are certified Google Ads Specialist? Read more below.

How we approach SEA



It’s important to keep a clear view of all the campaigns that you are running. A clear structure helps to navigate through the ads and keywords with ease so the optimization is nice and smooth. But most importantly it decreases the costs and increases your revenue.


Who needs to see your ad? That´s an important question! Targeting your Google Ads to the right audience is key in bringing valuable traffic for your website. We don’t want to be wasting any of that budget!



You must regularly check what’s happening in your Google Ads account. There are always new opportunities lurking around the corner. Or maybe some keywords are not performing like you thought they would? Checking in regularly will give you a good insight.

Happy SEA clients