Swimming against the online stream. 


The services we offer allow us to work anywhere on this globe, thanks to modern day technology. Sometimes we work remotely for better focus or we could be visiting clients in different countries. In any case, we can help you, wherever you are located.


Freelancing has become more of a common occurrence in today’s work world. We strongly believe that the freelance future is looking bright with new technologies making it easier to find project-based work. We work closely with a fine selections of freelancers to help where necessary.


Keeping things flexible is important to us, not only do we practice this through Yoga but also in a professional way. We love thinking outside the cube. And don’t be surprised if you receive an email at 23.00h with some random idea for your business.

Who we are

Billy Pearson

Has been working for digital marketing companies since 2009 where he gained a lot of experience in SEO and SEA. As a project manager always optimizing his clients online businesses with a commercial point of view. Billy started ´Pears Online´ in 2016 and has been successfully helping entrepreneurs to think out of the box.  

Contact Billy! His email address is: billy@pearsonline.nl or give him a call: +34 632 58 30 15

Megan Pearson

Started her online journey in 2016 when her first WordPress website was born and started her own blog with the help of her brother Billy. Things got busy at Pears Online and Megan became an all round employee, assisting Billy where necessary. Creating Google Ads, writing international content and managing social media accounts.

Contact Megan! Her email address is: megan@pearsonline.nl or give her a call: +34 644 40 52 44