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SEO Audit

We do a full rundown of your website! Check all the possible things that Google uses to rank your website. You’ll get a complete plan to increase traffic from Google.


We work on a hourly basis helping you to create content, fixing technical issues or getting links to your website; things that follow from the SEO Audit plan.


Interested in learning more? We offer personal training to help you optimize your website to get more traffic from the Google search result page.

How we approach SEO


Google is basically a robot. A robot that checks all the websites on the internet. Thousands per second. So it’s important that Google can read your website quick and without any problems.



What you put on your website determines what will be shown on the search result page. Having the right content and keywords on your pages helps Google rank your website.



Google was the first search engine that started using links to rank websites in the search result page. So having links from other URL´s pointing to your website is the most important thing in SEO.

Happy SEO clients