Are you in control of your Google Business account?

As a business, it’s important to be found. Somebody might be looking for your service or product online and that would be the time and place to be in sight. Controlling the data Google collects from your business creates a helpful map for Google to index your business and serve your website, product, service, location details at the right time and place. There are a lot of different products Google offers to help your business provide the details. The website of your business is the base for this adventure. But from there you can use a multitude of Google business products.

Knowing all these products and keeping everything under control is a time-consuming job but you can go as deep down the rabbit hole as you want. There are all kinds of ways to make use of these products and grow your business by reaching the right Google users. Finding the right way is a path of trail and error. Are you just getting started or do you already have a Google account in use but you don’t know where to start? Let me make a Quick scan and inform you how I can help you grow your business online.

Google Business Product Specialists

Google Ads

The almighty Ad platform from Google. Serve ad’s to search engine users or display them on popular websites like youtube. Pears Online is a Certified AdWords specialist.


Collecting website data for free was never better with Google Analytics. Control all your website data, set goals and grow your online business to a higher level.


More and more smartphone users are looking up local businesses in Google Maps. Make sure you have all your business data in order for the users of Google.

Search Console

Being found organically takes a lot of time, discipline and data. Collecting data with Google Search console is the way to go. Very insightful to help you focus on what Google users are looking for and how you’re scoring.


Webshop entrepreneurs can sell their products with the Google Ad’s platform with help from Google Merchant. Connect en upload your products to the Google advertising possibilities.

Tag Manager

Tracking what happens on your website is easy with Google Analytics but made easier with the Tag Manager. Enhance your data with more detailed tracking.

Google+ Brands

Representing a brand to the users of Google and proving you are a real company is done with Google Brands. Keep your community updated with your latest content.


Reporting data in a clean and personalized dashboard, connect all the data you want and make your reporting easier. Knowledge = power.


Google Ads Search
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Google Ad’s Fundamentals
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Google My Business Basics
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Google Analytics
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